So long, Steve Jobs

I’ve been sitting in front of my MacBook Pro all morning. To my right is my iPad and to the left, my iPhone. I’ve worked with a client, read some emails and done a little surfing.

I am struck by how many people have been profoundly affected by the death of Steve Jobs. While I expected a reaction among my Mac friends and colleagues, I am awed by reaction of others. So many feel his loss. So many have expressed their sorrow.

I never really met Steve Jobs, though I saw him at about a dozen Macworld Expo keynotes. I shook his hand briefly in the Apple booth once, but that is the only physical contact I ever had with him. However, he has had a major effect in my life.

As my youngest children were beginning school, I started helping in the computer lab at their school. As my knowledge increased, I became known as a teacher and troubleshooter, and perhaps as a bit of an evangelist.

I was fed by Apple magazines and books and eventually, by my many trips to Macworld Expos. I loved the keynotes and I would stand in line for hours to attend them. I would always watch product announcements and WWDC keynotes too.

Steve Jobs was a wonderful, dynamic speaker. He always made me want (need?) the next new Apple product.

I have missed Steve at the last few Macworld Expos. Now, he’s truly gone. I (we) will miss him. As someone said on Facebook last night…


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