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In the first blog post of this series I showed you how to find great recipes on Pinterest. In the second one, I showed you ways of saving recipes and displaying them on your computer. In this post we will explore ways of accessing your recipes not only on your computer, but also on iPads and iPhones--and you can even use these recipes on a friend’s computer.

While I would like to be able to tell you about a text editor on the iPad and iPhone that would read the rtfd files that I taught you to make on your Mac, unfortunately, that application does not exist -- yet. There are several apps that can handle .rtf files, there is nothing that can handle rtfd files, the ones that contain both text and pictures. They can also be saved without those pesky page breaks that are a remnant of the printed past.

So now we need to find an application that can be used anywhere, that doesn’t use page breaks and one that is platform and device agnostic. I know of only one app that meets all those requirements,
Evernote. Even better, the basic application is free. When you download Evernote, you will need to establish an account. The free Evernote is the place to start. It allows you to add up to 60 MB of content per month (as of 1/2013), and displays a "usage" meter. While a free account allows the user to share notebooks, only paid accounts allow others to edit notebooks. The biggest problem for free account users is that files on iOS and Android are not available when you are not on a WiFi connection. The premium service is available at US$5 per month or $45 per year.

This is the Evernote interface on my computer:


Here it is on my iPad:


This is on my iPhone:


Because there are thumbnails for these files, it is easy to visually identify the recipes.

Now let’s take a look at a recipe, first on the computer:


On the iPad:


And on the iPhone:


They all look good! The text wraps nicely, the pictures re-size appropriately and there are no huge white spaces. This is fine for a small to medium size recipe collection. The search function makes it easy to find a word:


As your collection grows, adding tags help to narrow the list down:


Evernote will work well for many people. There is much more to Evernote. Even if you don’t choose to make it your place for recipes, it is a very good way to collect bits and pieces of information. When I help someone set up a new iPad or iPhone, Evernote is one of the first applications that I suggest to them as a must-have item.

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