Pinterest and cooking

While I did not use my computer very much last year, I certainly used other technologies, ones that did not require sitting at a desk or using my hands (arms and shoulder) as much. I would have been lost without my iPad. It allowed me to tap and drag my way through my day. I did most of my reading on my iPad and it was easier for my to type on it than on a traditional keyboard.

While I did not do a lot of involved cooking, I found lots of new recipes that I wanted to try. My favorite source for new recipes was (is)
Pinterest. If you haven’t given it a try, you might enjoy a quick visit.

Pinterest is very visual. Just what will appear depends on you. If you have created an account and have followed people, the things they have pinned will appear.


There are also links to more generalized (Everything) or specific (Catergories) content.


If you have signed up for an account, you can save things that interest you to specific “boards.”


This is my Cooking board. It contains pictures and links to recipes that I have saved for later.


If I click on a specific picture, it will take me to the Web site that the recipe came from.


I often emailed the Web site of the recipe to myself so that I could easily save them for later.


While all of the above images were taken from my iPad, you can also email web addresses to yourself from Safari.


This looks like a good stopping place for today. However I need to explain why emailed those links. I will do that in my next post.

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