Painting and Sketching on the iPad

I am working on a presentation for a meeting of an Interior Design group in this area. My topic is using the iPad as a part of their workflow. There are many areas of the topic that I know quite well, but I am no artist. While I understand the tools and techniques, my artistic skills are primarily in fiber arts.

I do know that the iPad is finding favor as a tool among many digital artists and design professionals. I see more and more works that have been produced or started on the iPad.

I keep a watchful eye for articles and application reviews that enable me to make good recommendations. Among my favorite sites is Macworld. They employ experts in many different areas and their articles and reviews are top-notch.

This link is for Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. It is mentioned in one of the articles below. I have several clients who tell me how good it is. One thing they like is the ability to save their work as a .psd file. Here is a Macworld review and another from idsketching

I also keep hearing ArtRage. It finds favor with artists who enjoy oil painting and water color because of its ability to truly mimic techniques they use on traditional media. Once again, here is the Macworld review.

Macworld also provides excellent how-to articles written by professional users. Be sure to check out these two written by Kyle Lambert.

How to use layers in iPad art

Understanding blend modes in iPad art

If you have a favorite article, technique or app, please add a comment below. Thanks!

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