Overcome by life

MacMousecalls is my place to write about Apple and Macintosh related issues. Because it is also associated with my work with Bob LeVitus, I determined that it is not a place where I would post a lot of personal items.

However, the past six weeks have caused me to reconsider!

Just as the school year was beginning, my oldest daughter and son-in-law made a trip to California to settle his mother's affairs. She had homes in California and Hawaii and had been diagnosed with pacreatic cancer. Our three older grandchildren moved in for a three-week visit which included home-schooling them, driving them to piano, technical music, choir, ballet, soccer, art lessons and Nutcracker practice. Keeping up with the Dr. Mac consulting business, cooking, laundry, housework and all of their activities kept me very busy.

Upon my daughter's return I began to unwind and get things back in order when I got a call from the hospital. My youngest daughter (who and moved home at the end of summer to prepare for her wedding) had been thrown from a horse. She had broken her pelvis in three places and she broke three ribs.

After a long weekend in the hospital, she came home and has slowly been recovering. Because we have a basement level that was outfitted for my husband's deceased parents who were handicapped, we had all the things she would be needing--an elevator, roll-in shower, wheelchair ramps and even an electric scooter, our daughter came home instead of going to a rehab hospital. After still more equipment, including a wheelchair, walker and electric bed were delivered, I began my duties helping our daughter complete the necessary daily tasks.

It has been three weeks. She can now go about 50 feet in the walker, but still uses the wheelchair or scooter for most movement. She can take care of her personal needs, and can fix a quick snack, but I still need to do many things for her. She will be on crutches for 3-4 months, but can't start using them until her ribs heal, so it has been a slow process.

So now, you know why there have been almost no blog posts. There just hasn't been time! Things are improving and I have many topics to cover, so hopefully I will do a lot more writing in the coming days.

-- Pat
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