Mac Defender, MacProtector - Just BAD stuff!

We Macintosh users have had it pretty easy since Mac OS X was released. Back in the days of Mac OS 9 and earlier, there were a number of malware and viruses that could attack our computers, but due to a combination of factors those problems have been very rare in recent years.

In the past few weeks, there has been some new attacks on the Mac. While none are viruses, an unethical individual has produced a program that purports to find a virus on your computer when you visit a web site. These web sites have been around for years on the PC and hopefully Windows users have learned to ignore them.

For Mac users, this is a new problem and, unfortunately, some are falling for this scam.

I have had this blog post on hold for several weeks as I have been looking for this malware so that I could show you how it works. (Un)fortunately I have not been able to find an example to show you.


Because although I spend lots of time on the web, I tend not to visit “those” kind of sites. And just what are those sites?

First of all, they tend to be a bit shady. Think of downloading illegal music files, pirated software and movies and of course, porn. People visit these sites to download “stuff.”

You may have visited a web site that contained an advertisement that can supposedly detect and remove Windows viruses and malware. If you clicked on the link, an .exe file was downloaded to your computer. Of course, Mac computers can’t work with .exe files, so you were pretty safe.

Now there are a few links to Mac files and this can be a problem.

In the next few posts, I will cover various things you can do to protect yourself and your Macintosh.


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