Liquids and Technology

I have had several emergency calls from friends, family and clients this summer. Most have involved a liquid and a computer, iPad or iPhone. This has been the year of spills and drops!

I have had a strict policy of never putting a liquid on the same level as an electronic device. It has worked well until my doctor determined that I was not drinking enough liquids. He said I needed to keep a container of water beside me all the time. While that is not a problem at my desk in my office, my MacBook Pro tends to travel all around all day long. Some of the other stopping points don’t have a second level for my water container. So I had to get inventive!

Last spring there was a deal at Costco. It was for a two-pack of Contigo water bottles. The pack cost $19.99 and it included two insulated stainless steel water bottles with AUTOSPOUT.


I like my water cold and I prefer not to have condensation on the container. Add a leak-free spout to the mix and I have found my new favorite thing! Of course, the deal at Costco is long gone, but you can buy the bottles directly from
Contigo. The price is the same at Amazon. $25.00 sounds pretty pricey, but compared to a repair or possibly a new device, it’s not so bad! You could also wait for Costco to carry them again, but that will probably be next spring.

I even let my water bottle sit next to my computer sometimes, especially at night when both are on my bedside table. : )


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