Jobs, the movie


There are a number of privileges that I have had in my life related to computing. I was able to attend quite a number of Macworld Expos, both in San Francisco, New York and even the last few shows in Boston. Not only did I have the privilege of attending, I was able to attend the keynote addresses. I was working with and writing for the Washington Apple Pi Journal, so I was able to sit up front in the press section.

At those events I was able to observe Steve Jobs at his finest! I was at the keynote when the iMac was introduced, when Mac OS X was presented, and when the iPhone was unveiled. I have never attended WWDC, the World Wide Developer Conference, but I was able to watch the live video stream when the iPod was introduced. Although I only met Steve Jobs briefly in the Apple Booth after a keynote, I was honored to have the opportunity to shake his hand and speak to him.

I have also had the privilege of taking part in four MacMania cruises when Steve Wozniak was a part of the faculty. The Woz is one neat and interesting guy!

I was also able to attend a Macworld Expo session where Ashton Kutcher talked about playing Steve Jobs.

Today I went to see Jobs, the movie. I had been anticipating seeing it ever since it was announced. Although I am not a total expert on Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, I have enough personal experiences to say that while they did not get the story exactly right, the actors were believable in their portrayal of the characters. The Woz’s appearance was not quite right, but he had many of Steve’s mannerisms just right.

Ashton Kutcher was very believable in the role of Steve Jobs. His mannerisms and speech were right on!

As for the Apple campus, I have been there several times, I also spent the day in the Apple Town Hall for a conference. It wasn’t quite right, especially in the lighting. I could tell they had tried to dress it up.

I enjoyed the movie. The script was a bit shallow in places and I wished that it had covered Steve Jobs years back at Apple instead of ending the story before the iMac was released. If you enjoy Apple Products, you will probably enjoy the movie. It’s not a home run, but its worth the time and the price of a movie ticket!

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