Finding other good information on Mac OS Security

This is the fourth and final post on Mac security

Finding accurate information on Mac security can be daunting. Making Internet searches leads to lots of articles, but how many are accurate? How many are written by the companies who want to sell you their products?

One of the places I trust to provide accurate, well-reasoned answers is the folks at Adam and Tonya Engst have been covering the more technical side of the Macintosh for over 20 years. They have hired some of the most respected writers in the Apple eco system. I aways find good information about computer security in the Safe Computing section of their web site:

Bob adds, "Pat's spot on. I've trusted TidBITS for as long as I can remember and known Adam and Tonya even longer. TidBITS offers superb reporting on most Apple-related topics, but they're particularly strong when it comes to security. Whenever there's a new outbreak (which thankfully, is not that often), TidBITS is the first place I look for reliable news and information."

I also enjoy and trust the information provided by Riva Richmond on the New York Times web site. Particularly good recent articles include Lion’s Upgraded, Robust Security Features, and Apple’s New Security Features for the Mac,


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