How to copy a previously-burned DVD

There are some questions that we get asked again and again. I hope the information presented here makes it possible for you to copy a DVD since photo slideshows and videos make great gifts.

This tutorial assumes that you made the DVD which you are trying to copy or that there is no copy protection or Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme applied to the DVD. Please do a search on the Internet and remember that piracy is illegal if you are trying to copy a commercial DVD.

• Insert the DVD-R video disc that you created. If the DVD starts playing automatically, press the esc (escape) key. It is in the top left position on your computer keyboard.

• Click on your computer desktop to get into the Finder. Select the Go Menu and pull down to Utilities

• Open the Disk Utility application.

• In the left column of Disk Utility, select the disc. It will be indented under the name of your CD/DVD Drive. If the original disk was burned using a session mode, there may be one or more sessions. You DO NOT want to choose a session. Choose the name of the disk that is inserted in your CD/Drive.

• From the File menu, choose New and then choose Convert

• Enter a file name, choose a location, and choose "DVD/CD Master" from the Image Format pop-up menu.

• Click the Save button. After the image has been created you should see it in the disk listing in the Disk Utility window.

• Eject the DVD-R video disc.

• Select the disk image you created from the listing.

• Click the Burn icon in the toolbar.

• When prompted, insert a blank DVD-R disc. Click the Burn Button when the disc has been recognized by your computer.

This tutorial was inspired by a client who needed a bit of hand-holding to copy her DVD. Although I have attempted to include lots of screenshots, you may need a bit more help. That is one of the things that we can do at Bob LeVitus Consulting! Give us a call. We can clear up any questions and walk you through the process. Our tutoring sessions are $60 per hour. We have special software that allows us to see and control your computer. Give us a call at 408 627-7577, or visit our web site or send us a message at We offer training, troubleshooting and technical support.


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