Apple on Mac security

This is the third of a four part series on Mac security.

Apple has many excellent articles and guides on Macintosh security. While this information is not highlighted in new computer documentation, it is readily available on the Support area of their web site. Go to and type “security” into the search bar. You will find many links to articles about operating system security and device security. The article at is a very good place to start.

While this article is directed to the Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion user, Apple also provides excellent downloadable guides for earlier versions of the operating system. Check out these links if you are using an earlier version of the Mac OS:

I was unable to locate a Mac OS X Lion Security Configuration guide. It seems as though Apple did not produce one for Lion. However, go to and type in Mac OS X 10.7 Security. You will find many documents that cover separate parts of the topic.

Apple provides many security updates on an as needed basis to protect your computer and its software. Information on these updates can be found at The information provided in these links can seem a bit cryptic. While providing basic information, Apple is making sure not to give hackers information they might be able to use to attack your computer.

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