Trying something new

As you probably noticed, I haven’t put up many posts in the past few months.

While a part of the problem has been my frustration with blogging with software such as RapidWeaver, another problem has been a busy travel schedule, followed by my need to recover from a particularly virulent flu bug I caught while on vacation. Since I have been home, taxes and family duties have interfered with getting back to a good routine.

I am solving some of the frustration problems by finding a way to blog from my iPad and iPhone. So far, I have set up a companion blog on I’ve purchased a plugin for RapidWeaver, RapidBlog from I’ve posted two entries using Safari. These have “magically” appeared on MacMousecalls.

I have also purchased BloggerPlus in the iTunes App Store. It will allow me to write entries away from my computer!

While you can access the new material over on, an even more convenient way is to click the link in the page header:

I plan to place links here to articles that I post over there:

A try at something new and iPad Babysitting

In general, MacMousecalls on Blogger will be more casual or personal in nature.


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