My busy summer


While many of the readers of MacMousecalls have no contact with me except through this blog, there are a number of readers who are family, personal friends, professional contacts or people who I have become friends with through the blog, Dr. Mac Consulting, my podcast appearances and Twitter.

There are many reasons why I have had little time to write much lately, but this little guy has played a major role.

This is Corbin. He was born on September 4, at thirty weeks gestation. He is still in the NICU and yesterday was the first time I got to see him. Hopefully, he will be going home soon.

My summer was busy with my daughter’s wedding and I three of our grandsons (Corbin’s brothers) and their dad spending the week-days with us.

I started this post several weeks ago. Somehow, my blogging has become very infrequent. There are lots of reasons, but the real one is my software. When I began this blog, I chose RapidWeaver because of many of its features. But that was several years ago and things have changed. Back then, I sat in my home office most of the day. I didn’t have an iPad. I was content to always use my computer. I still work from home, but I find myself working all over the house. I even find myself working from unusual places where my MacBook Pro is just inconvenient.

When I began MacMousecalls, i was certain that I wanted to only write about Mac topics. Now we have iPhones and iPads . I have even delved into some techie stuff that involves other digital devices like my sewing machine. I have also made a number of friends through this blog with whom I share other interests.

So, it is time for a change.

While MacMousecalls will still cover Apple topics, I will be adding content that does not directly fit the old MacMousecalls. There will be some homemaking and crafting items, some photography posts, some personal items and lots of Apple stuff.

Come along for the ride! Change can be good. If a post doesn’t appeal to you, just close the page. Perhaps the next post will suit your need more!

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