2012 - The year that I didn't…


The year of 2012 will go down in my life record as a year when I didn’t.

I didn’t blog much, I didn’t accomplish much professionally and I didn’t do much other than sleep, go to physical therapy and read. You see, I injured my left shoulder in the fall of 2011. By the time I realized it wouldn’t heal without medical intervention it was already January.

Being cured involved either surgery and a lot of physical therapy or just a lot of physical therapy. We also learned that I am not a good candidate for pain reliving medicines. While the pain relief effects were gone in less time than the dosage requirements, the sedative effects took a day or more to disappear. So, I would take my medicine, get a few hours of pain relief, but along with it came hours and hours of sleep. Soon I was a depressed mess! The only real relief came when my physical therapist was reliving pain by releasing pressure points.

After long months of therapy and exercise, I finally began to feel better in September. I could finally spend more than a few minutes on my computer, I could do a few things around the house--but by then we were preparing to leave on a fabulous six week vacation to Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. We arrived home on Thanksgiving night and I was months behind in Christmas preparations.

The holidays have passed. I have time to call my own. So now, back to blogging and back to work on the Doctor Mac Newsletter! There are a few trips on the calendar this year, including two in January, so we won’t be sitting still. However, we will forgo our planned trip to France and Spain in November and December. We missed having Thanksgiving with our family and traveling so close to Christmas makes the holiday just too hectic.

I do have a few plans for the coming year:

  • More blogging
  • Starting a podcast
  • More computer time
  • More time on my new Brother sewing machine!
Did you notice the photo at the top of this post? It was taken by Harry Magiros, a new friend from Australia. Also in the photo are a few of my fellow geeks from MacMania 15. We are sitting beside the pool trading photos and Apple tips. Notice the amazing amount of Apple gear and the fact that none of us are swimming or even tanning! Oh well, such is the life of an Apple geek!


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