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A try at something new

I have been using RapidWeaver as my blogging software for as long as MacMousecalls has existed. It began as an "I Love It!" software choice. But, over time, I have come to dislike my choice. So, I have pretty much stopped blogging. However, I really want to continue!

So what has turned a great work-style choice made five years ago into a poor choice today?

Five years ago I was happy to sit at my desk. I loved my PowerBook. Writing a blog required working on a computer, and my desk was pretty convenient!

Today I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad. Theoretically, I can blog from any of those devices. But, RapidWeaver has become the basic problem. With RapidWeaver, my Web site is stored on my hard drive. When I write an entry, it is uploaded to my web page host. But the working files are stored on my own computer.

There are many services that will host a blog for you--WordPress, Blogger, SquareSpace etc. Your blog is stored on their site, on their server. I like having my working files on my own computer! I like being in charge of them!

I have occasionally looked for something that would add blog-anywhere functionality to RapidWeaver, and today I have found one! I am using RapidBlog from It can sync content from Blogger to RapidWeaver. It looks like a good, inexpensive ($14.95) solution.

While it will allow an old Web site to be imported, I am not sure I want to go that far--so, this will be a separate blog. I will cross-post some articles to both blogs, but most will be separate. I will write my long, detailed how-to articles on MacMousecalls. On this blog, I will be posting some techie stuff, but I will also be posting the day-to-day events and happenings that presently don't really have a home!

Come along for the ride!

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