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iPad babysitting

We have been hosting three of our grandsons for the past few days. Staying with the grandparents is certainly different than when I grew up.

First, I grew up in southern New Mexico and Texas, so March was definitely a spring month instead of being late winter. While its good for children to be outside, windy days in the low 40's aren't conducive to playing out for long!

Thank gosh for trusty iPads! The boys are 8, 6 and 3, so their interests and ability levels vary widely. While they play on the Wii quite nicely, the 3 and 6 year olds seldom get to "win."

We have two iPads and they brought theirs from home, so each can play independently or they can play games that allow sharing over our home network. We can also intersperse reading and educational activities with game play.

Video monitors are certainly convenient, but interaction with people is also desirable, so we try to balance out their electronic play, but as baby-sitters the iPad certainly has some advantages.

However, too much "screen time" often means not enough "wiggle time," so we have lots of other things to do. In this case, it is our play table. Originally intended for wooden trains, the drawers are often full of different toys. At the moment they are filled with our large collection of Lego Duplo building blocks. The collection began when our youngest children were preschoolers. As our older grandchildren outgrew their Duplo, I traded used Lego purchased from eBay for their stash.

Even though the oldest grandchildren in this picture have graduated to real Lego, it is not allowed on the main level of our home (It is stored in the upstairs playroom, far away from visiting babies and crawlers.), they still have lots of fun with the Duplo.


A try at something new

I have been using RapidWeaver as my blogging software for as long as MacMousecalls has existed. It began as an "I Love It!" software choice. But, over time, I have come to dislike my choice. So, I have pretty much stopped blogging. However, I really want to continue!

So what has turned a great work-style choice made five years ago into a poor choice today?

Five years ago I was happy to sit at my desk. I loved my PowerBook. Writing a blog required working on a computer, and my desk was pretty convenient!

Today I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad. Theoretically, I can blog from any of those devices. But, RapidWeaver has become the basic problem. With RapidWeaver, my Web site is stored on my hard drive. When I write an entry, it is uploaded to my web page host. But the working files are stored on my own computer.

There are many services that will host a blog for you--WordPress, Blogger, SquareSpace etc. Your blog is stored on their site, on their server. I like having my working files on my own computer! I like being in charge of them!

I have occasionally looked for something that would add blog-anywhere functionality to RapidWeaver, and today I have found one! I am using RapidBlog from It can sync content from Blogger to RapidWeaver. It looks like a good, inexpensive ($14.95) solution.

While it will allow an old Web site to be imported, I am not sure I want to go that far--so, this will be a separate blog. I will cross-post some articles to both blogs, but most will be separate. I will write my long, detailed how-to articles on MacMousecalls. On this blog, I will be posting some techie stuff, but I will also be posting the day-to-day events and happenings that presently don't really have a home!

Come along for the ride!

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